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Website Theme Collection

A collection of responsive stand-alone website themes using current CSS Frameworks.

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Website Theme Collection

A collection of responsive stand-alone website themes using current CSS Frameworks. Some require PHP 7 to run. Please see the vertical-button-theme repository to get sample website file(s).

Filename Description CSS Framework Actions
theme1.php Vertical Button Bootstrap 3
theme1af.php Vertical Button, fixed Bootstrap 3
theme1at.php Vertical Button, affix Bootstrap 3
theme1bs4.php Vertical Button Bootstrap 4
theme1b4f.php Vertical Button, fixed Bootstrap 4
theme1b4a.php Vertical Button 2 Bootstrap 4
theme1b4b.php Vertical Button 3 Bootstrap 4
theme1b4g.php Vertical Button, gradient theme Bootstrap 4
theme2.php Navigation Bar Bootstrap 3
theme2fi.php Navigation Bar, fixed top Bootstrap 3
theme2cs.php Navigation Bar, fixed top, card style Bootstrap 3
theme2in.php Navigation Bar, inverted Bootstrap 3
theme2if.php Navigation Bar, inverted, fixed top Bootstrap 3
theme2ia.php Navigation Bar, inverted, affix Bootstrap 3
theme2prm.php Navigation Bar, blue Bootstrap 4
theme2suc.php Navigation Bar, green Bootstrap 4
theme2inf.php Navigation Bar, cyan Bootstrap 4
theme2wrn.php Navigation Bar, yellow Bootstrap 4
theme2dng.php Navigation Bar, red Bootstrap 4
theme2sec.php Navigation Bar, gray Bootstrap 4
theme2drk.php Navigation Bar, dark Bootstrap 4
theme2lit.php Navigation Bar, light Bootstrap 4
theme2fprm.php Navigation Bar, fixed-top, blue Bootstrap 4
theme2fsuc.php Navigation Bar, fixed-top, green Bootstrap 4
theme2finf.php Navigation Bar, fixed-top, cyan Bootstrap 4
theme2fwrn.php Navigation Bar, fixed-top, yellow Bootstrap 4
theme2fdng.php Navigation Bar, fixed-top, red Bootstrap 4
theme2fsec.php Navigation Bar, fixed-top, gray Bootstrap 4
theme2fdrk.php Navigation Bar, fixed-top, dark Bootstrap 4
theme2flit.php Navigation Bar, fixed-top, light Bootstrap 4
theme2fcd.php Navigation Bar, fixed-top, card style Bootstrap 4
theme2cda.php Navigation Bar, card style 2 Bootstrap 4
theme2cdb.php Navigation Bar, card style 3 Bootstrap 4
theme2cdsu.php Navigation Bar, slide up Bootstrap 4
theme3.php Scrollspy Bootstrap 3
theme3a.php Scrollspy & Affix Bootstrap 3
theme3b4.php Scrollspy Bootstrap 4
theme3sn.php Scrollspy with Sticky Navbar Bootstrap 4
theme4.php Scrollspy Vertical Menu Bootstrap 3
theme4a.php Scrollspy Vertical Menu 2 Bootstrap 3
theme4b.php Scrollspy Vertical Menu 3 Bootstrap 3
theme4b4.php Scrollspy Vertical Menu Bootstrap 4
theme5.php Horizontal Menu Bootstrap 3
theme5bs4.php Horizontal Menu Bootstrap 4
theme5rb.php Rainbow Bootstrap 4
themew1.php Sidebar W3.CSS
themew1at.php Sidebar, animated theme W3.CSS
themew1rd.php Sidebar, red W3.CSS
themew1pk.php Sidebar, pink W3.CSS
themew1pu.php Sidebar, purple W3.CSS
themew1dp.php Sidebar, deep purple W3.CSS
themew1in.php Sidebar, indigo W3.CSS
themew1blu.php Sidebar, blue W3.CSS
themew1lb.php Sidebar, light blue W3.CSS
themew1cy.php Sidebar, cyan W3.CSS
themew1te.php Sidebar, teal W3.CSS
themew1grn.php Sidebar, green W3.CSS
themew1lg.php Sidebar, light green W3.CSS
themew1li.php Sidebar, lime W3.CSS
themew1kh.php Sidebar, khaki W3.CSS
themew1ye.php Sidebar, yellow W3.CSS
themew1am.php Sidebar, amber W3.CSS
themew1or.php Sidebar, orange W3.CSS
themew1do.php Sidebar, deep orange W3.CSS
themew1bg.php Sidebar, blue grey W3.CSS
themew1br.php Sidebar, brown W3.CSS
themew1gr.php Sidebar, grey W3.CSS
themew1dg.php Sidebar, dark grey W3.CSS
themew1bl.php Sidebar, black W3.CSS
themew1w3.php Sidebar, w3schools W3.CSS
themew8.php Navigation Bar W3.CSS
themew6.php Architect W3.CSS
themew5.php Dark Portfolio W3.CSS
themew2.php Interior Designer W3.CSS
themew3.php Marketing W3.CSS
themew7.php Parallax W3.CSS
themew4.php Startup W3.CSS